It was 29 years ago that Mike began his career in advertising with J. Walter Thompson in Los Angeles after his dreams of a professional basketball career did not materialize. He knew the odds of a 6’2” shooting guard from Cal State Northridge making the NBA were slim, but he wasn't going to go out without a fight. So after a summer of hooping it up with the L.A. Clippers, he quickly realized it was time to pursue that ‘other' career he really went to college for. After getting his big break with JWT, he worked his way up quickly through the broadcast traffic department. The following year, he made the move to another L.A. agency (Krupp/TaylorUSA) and was soon promoted to Traffic Manager and not long after that, Director of Creative Services… all within less than 2 years.
In 1990, after the birth of his first daughter, Mike and his wife made the big decision to relocate their family to Henderson, Nevada and pursue a better quality of life and escape the rat race of big city living. Never at that time could he have imagined that he would be where he is today…. the 20 year owner of a well-respected advertising and graphic design company that has built a solid reputation for always putting their clients first. Throughout his college basketball and 31 year professional career, he has stayed true to the one idea that no one person is greater than the team… and that when you have the right team… success will follow.


This mild-mannered creative genius hails from Fargo, North Dakota originally. After deciding that it was time to leave those frigid cold winter temps behind, he made a brief stop over in Denver before deciding to make southern Nevada his permanent residence. Eric began his career at AMC as a junior graphic designer and has risen to the pinnacle of Creative Director (although he could easily include the titles of Account Manager, Web Master, Production Specialist, Digital Genius and Traffic Guru to name just a few). He’s done them all and continues to be the epitome of the word ’team player’.
He’s spent almost his entire career helping build AMC into the company it is today and recently celebrated his 21 year anniversary. He is meticulous in his creative designs and a master of all mediums, whether it be television, print, outdoor, web design, digital marketing, displays or collateral. His ability to work under intense deadlines and yet continually deliver winning creative and graphic design is a testament to his outstanding talents (and his wonderful temperament). In fact, we’ve found that over the years about the only thing that really riles up this easy going guy is cheering (excessively and passionately) for his beloved North Dakota State Bison football team.